Previously we have seen that the Chinese company Xiaomi over the past year has made ​​a significant leap forward in smartphone industry and successfully place their self in the top five chart. The company is still may be not popular among most of the players, but its smartphones, which are equipped with good specifications in cheap price are selling globally. The strategy Analytics reports tell us the story that, Xiaomi shipped 18.0 million mobile phones worldwide for a record 4 percent market share to become the world’s fifth largest vendor for the first time ever in Q3 2014, which will be increase after the passage of time if they maintain the quality with motivation which has been shown by few day’s ago at an event at the World Internet Conference.

Xiaomi: After 5 years ‘We Will be Bigger than Apple and Samsung’


Xiaomi General Manager Lei Jun of China at an event at the World Internet Conference announced that currently the company’s user base consists of 70 million. People.  In 2015 this figure is expected to increase to 200 million., ie. Almost 3 times.

Next – even more ambitious plans. Over the next 5 years Xiaomi intends to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and overtake the current leader Samsung and Apple.

In addition to Xiaomi smartphones have a very attractive price and specifications ratio, they have another unique feature. Experts now ask the logical question, or just online trade will take the leaders of the US and Europe, but it must be assumed that Xiaomi management is already considering appropriate development options.

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