With the announcement of the new release of XCOM 2 of the famous series, Firaxis folks finally come to the core point that why the game will be exclusive to the PC platform for reasons of experience, loyalty and tradition, but there are also several of its developers personal reasons, as the director Creative Jake Solomon, who believes that we are in a golden age of PC.

“The PC gaming is in a golden age. It is the tip of the spear in terms of innovation, gameplay types that are being explored, in relations between developers and their audience, and to Firaxis, is our home. Is where we want to be. “

The Sign of this spirit is support for mods that will XCOM2, which will allow the growing gaming community to expand the experience.

“The modding is one of those elements that brings people in the community through their own creative expression of the franchise, and this helps to keep alive our game over time.”

Solomon exemplified the great results that have mods in the communities of the Civilization series and the mod itself of XCOM 2, The Long War.

“The Long War is amazing. Definitely it encouraged us to see XCOM in different ways, and see how people respond to you. That’s always comforting as a developer, because it means that the systems they build are flexible and there is considerable scope to exploit in terms of gameplay. ”

“To XCOM two we are not looking to add as much as we are looking to improve the systems that made XCOM making it. Of course that ends up adding a lot to the depth of certain areas such as procedural maps, more enemies, more kinds of soldiers, etc. “

XCOM 2 is being developed exclusively for our platform, on a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine 3.5. It has planned for release next November.