Since last year, Microsoft has been trying to work hard to bring the current-gen console together with the means of cross-platform play between all the platforms. We saw Rocket League being the first game having the cross-play support between Xbox One and Windows 10 PC and by the time, many games got this feature across the platforms.

Nintendo Switch also joined the cross-platform play camp with Fortnite and Minecraft, however the Switch players cannot play with the PS4 players due to Sony’s attempt to block the feature with other consoles. Now with cross-play gaining popularity, Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra wants cross progression support for all the games between all the gaming platforms.

Cross progression refers to carrying the game progression, achievements, unlocked items, characters and many other things from one platform to another. Those games which are supported by Xbox Play Anywhere feature are also supported with the cross progression feature between PC and the console, but the Vice President Ybarra wants it for all the games and it doesn’t need any further discussion on the matter. He wants to ‘make this happen’.

Here’s what he said in his Tweet;

No doubt we all would love see this happen. For those player who own more than one platform will benefit from the feature by having just a single account where they will have all their progress level saved and carry it to another account whenever required.

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Not many games support this feature except the ones supported with Play Anywhere program. While Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale also supports the cross progression between the platforms, except on PS4 due to Sony’s resistance on the matter.

Lets see how the game developers and console developers react on the matter. Stay tuned for more updates!

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