Microsoft confirmed the development of its high end console, known as the Xbox Scorpio during E3 this year after been rumored for a couple of months. Both the console makers decided to work on an upgraded console designed to deliver 4K gaming experience for the console gamers.

Xbox Scorpio To Cost Higher than Xbox One S – Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Last week, Sony launched its PlayStation 4 Pro that is the most powerful console available at the moment costing $399 whereas Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio is something more powerful than the PS4 Pro in technical terms and planned for launch next year during the holidays.

Apart from the technical side, Microsoft is yet to comment on the pricing of the Xbox Scorpio, which is the most important factor in determining the success of the upgraded console. Analysts describe it as key factor as previously, the company made the same mistake in the pricing of Xbox One. Hopefully, things will be different this time if the company plans to lead the market with the Project Scorpio.

While talking with LevelUp, a gaming channel, Xbox chief said that the cost of the console will be ‘obviously’ more than the Xbox One S. He said;

“Scorpio will be a premium console. It will cost more than S, obviously, this is how we are building it up. We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer and that means a higher price,”

He also reaffirmed that the console will not be something new or the replacement of Xbox One, but a part of current Xbox One family with different pricing for different units e.g, 500GB console. He further clarified that the Xbox Scorpio will be a console designed for high-end gamers who wants most out of the console for the price they are willing to pay.

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