Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment announced the availability of patch 1.5 for Tom Clancy’s The Division on the public test server (PTS) with support for the new DLC ‘Survival’ and the Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API. The developer has not confirmed the release date so far, but Xbox.com has recently updated The Division page in which we can see the release date of most anticipated Survival DLC which will come with update 1.5.

The Division Survival and Update 1.5 Releasing On Nov 22 For Xbox One and PC


“In Expansion II: Survival, endure as long as you can in a very hostile environment and brutal weather conditions. In a blizzard, everything you find becomes a vital resource! This new mode will challenge even the most talented agents. The Survival expansion for Tom Clancy’s The Division will be available first on Xbox One and Windows PC on November 22.”

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Although Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment has not officially confirmed the release date, but it seems like the update will be rolled out on November 22, 2016. Like before PlayStation 4 users will have to wait for will have to wait for another month due to an exclusive deal between Ubisoft and Microsoft.

  • Added World Tier 5 bracket (230+ GS)
  • Named Gear items have been implemented in the game. One piece is available for each Gear Slot and each one comes with a unique Talent. Named Gear items can only be dropped in World Tier 5 or in Survival game mod.
  • Enemy Armor Damage now functions in PVP: damage calculation in PvP ignores a percentage of the target’s armor equal to one third of the shooter’s Enemy Armor Damage.
  • Enemy Armor Damage is now a Major bonus instead of a Minor bonus. With enemy Armor Damage now applying to PvP, this will create an interesting situation
  • Stagger now functions in PvP: high-stagger weapons (Shotguns and Marksman rifles primarily) will now cause the target’s aim to flinch.