Last year, both the console manufacturing giants decided to enter the 4K era of gaming by developing a new and upgraded version of their current-gen consoles namely Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Both Sony and Microsoft revealed their upgraded console during E3 press conference last year, where Sony announced that they will be releasing the console during Fall of 2016 while Microsoft decided to take some more time and come up with more better console which was referred as ‘true 4K experience’, powered by 6 Teraflops.

Since the most powerful console from Microsoft’s camp, the Xbox One X is around the corner, industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that the Microsoft’s upgraded console will take the lead against Sony’s PS4 Pro. According to him, the One X will sell atleast 2 million units or over 20% of the base console, Xbox One.

While the Sony’s PS4 Pro is about to become 1 year old in a few months, Sony hasn’t revealed the exact number of units sold yet. Last time, they mentioned that it expects to sell “nearly 20% units of the PS4 sales”.

Apart from that, he also did his research on the Microsoft’s claim for Xbox One X limited edition console being sold out on many locations and being the fastest pre-ordered Xbox console till date. According to him, the statement appears to be exaggerate since the Amazon ranks the console at number 66.

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According to his research, NES Classic stands at number 23 with 2.3 million units being sold till date. While looking at the number 66, the One X is not even close to 1 million units. And apart from that, the studio claims it as the fastest pre-ordered console as the original Xbox One wasn’t the one with more sales and eventually lost the current-gen console war. And looking at the Xbox 360, hardly people used to pre-order console during that time, so basically, it could be the fastest pre-ordered Xbox console under these circumstances.

What do you think about the upcoming Xbox One X and its impact over the console 4K war? The console is scheduled for launch on November 7th. Stay tuned for more updates!

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