Xbox One X is around the corner and the Microsoft has been updating us with the features included in upcoming console. Last month we reported that Microsoft aims to reduce the required game size on the console’s HDD with the cloud service as 4K game require a bulk of space.

The studio is working on ‘Intelligent Delivery’ system that will help players to reduce the game size by downloading the files they need and not the bulky data instead. According to the studio, the service will allow sort game data in chunks so the players will download a game with only important things they need, that will help in reducing game size and automatically save download time and required disk space.

For example, in games like FIFA, there are a number of languages so the players can download only the one they will be using and not all the folder. Or, if you want to download a modern shooting game that comes with campaign and multi-player modes so the players can go with the one mode they will be playing to reduce the game size. They can re-install the other mode whenever they need it and delete the previous one that is no longer required.

Microsoft has revealed a video showing this HDD saving feature that will definitely help players to escape low storage problems as 4K games require more size. Have a look into the video right below;

Additionally, the Microsoft is working on this new system to allow multiple discs support with up to 15 at most, where some will have important game data that will be necessary while some will be containing additional data with players may want to use as add-ons.

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It seems that Microsoft is fully focused with its promise of the new 4K capable console. A good number of enhanced titles have also been announced so far and more will be making the list soon.

The Xbox One X will be launched on November 7th across the world. Stay tuned for more updates!

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