Current-Gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has made an entry in the arena for a lot of times. Despite Digital Foundry team decided to look at the two platforms again and they did it so well.

Dry comparison of specifications is taking no longer anything of interest. Digital Foundry points out that the technical parameters of both consoles are really similar to each other, but in practice there are seemingly small differences which are important to be highlighted.

Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 – Comparison of Graphics in 40 games



At most eurogamer has recorded gameplay of 40 games, which were debuted on the new Sony and Microsoft consoles. Although we cannot say that the differences in graphic design is radical, but at the same time it would be a lie to say that there is no difference at all.

Based on the analysis of Digital Foundry states that:

  • 3 games where we have parity or very minor differences

  • 6 titles where each has its advantages/disadvantages – no overall winner

  • 6 titles where a 900p to 1080p (or equivalent) PS4 resolution boost is the only real differentiating factor

  • 14 titles where the PS4 advantage is noticeable and isn’t just limited to resolution (performance or visual effects enhancements too)

  • 1 title with a clear Xbox One advantage

This is perhaps particularly surprising since PS4 is better embarrassing for many combinations. However, as you can see, Xbox One, does not stand out well in this race of Graphics Comparison.


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