Grand Theft Auto V when it was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 apart from the USA and others, it has also helped Rockstar to collect great revenue from the land of Anime, Japan. We can say Grand Theft Auto V  ranked their in the top games of Japan with more than 360,115 copies sold in its first week. As we know this game has also made its entry on Current-Gen Consoles PS4 and Xbox One so many are expecting same previous popularity from japan side. Last week the game had a decent debut on PS4, with 81,659 copies sold, but what about the Xbox One version?

On Wednesday Media Create has published the top 20 list, and it’s came as the shocker as the Xbox One version of the game was nowhere to be seen there. Today they published the full top 50 and… the Xbox One version is still not there.

Apart from Grand Theft Auto V in this list no other game of Xbox One version has appeared. The list published by Media Create is good enough to proof the poor sale of Xbox One in Japan (Microsoft and Japan: Xbox One Falls Flat). Microsoft needs to do something in order to take its Console to some justifiable rank in Japan as they are loosing great revenue from this land.

P.S: If we talk about USA things are totally different as Xbox One was the most selling console in  the Black Friday deal. Where Xbox One accounted for up to 53% of the shares. PS4 had to be satisfied with the result at the level of 31%.

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