Microsoft will replace faulty Xbox One game consoles that have proven too noisy for some owners.

If you have a Next Generation Bad Boy from Microsoft side and you are facing loud buzzing or clicking noise problem, when it is running at Full Load, then now no need to worry as Microsoft said that they will replace all Noisy Consoles. After all, you need a quiet system after investing a huge amount of money. If you think that this issue is in the news for the first time, then let me remind you that the previously Xbox 360 was also becoming the victim of this problem and there are lots of cases reported related to this issue.

Xbox One too noisy? Microsoft will replace it

Xbox One

One user, who posted about the issue in August, called it a “terrible noise,” adding that it “sounds like an old printer and lots of static.”

Although the first complaint was published on August 5, over 800 similar stories hit the forums over the last month as more users experienced the same problem.

Although officials also admit this issue and said that some consoles were creating too much noise and it would exchange the consoles for fully operational models.

Microsoft launched its Xbox One console in November last year, the same this its competitors Sony also launched it’s PS4. Microsoft has so far sold more than 5 million Xbox One consoles to retailers worldwide.

Someone is also facing the same problem?

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