Previously, Microsoft released a new Xbox One SDK, it will allow access up to 10 per cent additional GPU performance and next year XboxOne will support DirectX 12, reportedly will surely make performance doubled but this is not meant that Xbox One stroke victory over rival PS4!!

Xbox One supports DX12 but developers still prefer the PS4 platform

Foreign media GamingBolt on this topic recently interviewed Rockstar RAGE engine development leaders, Confetti FX co-founder Wolfgang Engel: “Sony’s own custom API is more low-level and definitely something that graphics programmers love. It gives you a lot of control. DirectX 12 will be a bit more abstract because it has to work with many different GPUs, while the PS4 API can go down to the metal,” he explained.

Sony Ps4

Wolfgang believes, DX12 is more “abstract”, because to take into account a variety of PC graphics core, while Sony PS4’s hardware core API can almost reach, means that developers will have more control over the optimization easier and certainly greatly developed welcome.

But this argument of Wolfgang does not explain bad look of DX12. It will give XboxOne huge stack of improvements.

Wolfgang at this year’s GDC meeting he talks about the optimized compute shader and demonstrate the three AMD’s cards  HD 6770, HD 7750 and HD 7850 and PS4 is also equipped with a built-in AMD GCN architecture graphics core. So this is a good news for Sony that Wolfgang and other developers future practices will be applied on PS4 Circle, So that performance in future will be improved.

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