Microsoft unveiled last year that it is working on an upgraded, 4K capable console called as the Xbox Scorpio, which will be released later this year and will be a part of Xbox One family.

With Xbox Scorpio releasing, many believe that the current Xbox One may go obsolete after the launch of upgraded console and developers might concentrate towards the upgraded consoles only but apparently that isn’t the case.

According to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, the Xbox One and Xbox One S will be supported for many years after the Xbox Scorpio gets released. Phil Spencer made a clear announcement while responding one of his followers on Twitter who asked whether the console will get obsolete or not.

Spencer assured his follower and said;

Xbox Scorpio is something which most of the developers and analysts have been talking about, since it will be the only console equipped with a 6 Teraflop GPU and Microsoft claims that it will be running games at a native 4K resolution, also supporting VR.

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The company have been performing multiple game tests on the console and the Xbox head also ‘enjoyed’ most of them. Since the console is under its testing phase, Phil Spencer have asked the fans to wait a couple of weeks before pre-ordering the new console.

The Xbox Scorpio is scheduled for release sometime during Holidays 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

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