It’s not a secret that Microsoft is already preparing the Xbox One Slim, what is new is that the company has canceled the launch until AMD doesn’t complete the development of its new graphics architecture Polaris, so it is easy to think that the transition a smaller Xbox One has more logics under the 14nm manufacturing node by Samsung, which also translated into a more powerful but energy efficient. What matters is that maintaining the same power will get reduced graphics consumption and console will also generate much less heat, essential for removing the monolithic cooling system to reduce the size of the console.

Xbox One Slim Will Be Released In Q2 of 2016


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Sony is also taking over the account with the launch of PlayStation 4 Slim, so it is logical that AMD expects to complete the development of its new architecture.

The Xbox Slim One could not reach the market until mid-year, more than enough for AMD to have the first list of Polaris wafers. It is logical to think that Polaris comes with newer AMD Zen kernels APUs. Although Zen would not be ready until later this year, it is possible that AMD priority to Microsoft and Sony consoles and both look like their consumption is reduced by more than an additional 50 percent. If this happens, there would also be a noticeable performance improvement when using DDR4 memory with new cores and graphics performance. According to current reports Slim consoles can run many games at 60 FPS or Capen extra performance to further improve more consumption and temperatures.

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