Microsoft at E3 2016 announced the launch of its new Xbox One S, the S word referred to “Slim” or “skinny” or something else. There is no surprise in it that this new console is more powerful than its original variant maintaining almost 40 percent smaller size. Xbox One S has ability to play Blu-ray to 4K resolution and all with the HDR support. In short, a compact gaming console with devoid of power. The new console is capable of running games at 1080p resolution with decent FPS.

Microsoft announced the launch of Xbox One S

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Xbox One S comes with a hard drive up  to 2TB of capacity, Bluetooth connectivity, the power supply is incorporated into the chassis, the controller features a new texture to improve grip. This reduction in size is due to new APU from AMD camp, which is manufactured on a smaller lithography, so it consumes less power, generates less heat and that allows Microsoft to reduce the cooling system to be used to maintain temperatures within the optimal levels. The new console also features a built-in IR blaster, front-facing USB port (there are still two on the rear) and does 4K video.

The One S will come in a number of different configurations, starting with the big ole 2TB version, which will appear in August. 1TB and 500GB versions will be arriving a bit later, running $349 and $299, respectively. Users can also buy the vertical stand on its own for $20.

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