A new smaller, slimmer Xbox console named as Xbox One S was announced by Microsoft this year during its E3 press conference.

Xbox One S 2TB Release Date Confirmed, Coming in August

The console promises to be 40% smaller in size with HDR enabled. There was a confusion whether the new console will run games better than the standard console or run games at 4K output, for which Microsoft made a statement of clarification that the players won’t notice a difference in game’s performance. Furthermore, the Xbox One S will upscale all the Xbox One games at 4K resolution, which is indeed an improvement in the console gaming industry.

Recently, a release date for Xbox One S was rumored over the internet, which was August 2nd and today, Microsoft officially confirmed the release date for the console, which is also August 2nd. The console comes with different storage capacities such as 500GB, 1TB and 2TB.

The release dates for 500GB and 1TB variants are yet to be confirmed by Microsoft. Xbox One S will be coming with a new Xbox Wireless Controller, that features improved wireless signals, textured grip and adds support for Bluetooth. The new wireless controller is priced around $60. The new controller and console are available for order on Microsoft’s online store and Amazon as well. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Xbox News

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