Just a few days ago Microsoft held a “Windows 10: The next chapter” theme conference, to bring Windows 10 Consumer Preview. The conference also highlighted DirectX 12 that how in games it can enhance the efficiency of the operation, before some media reported that DirectX 12 allows to double the performance of Xbox One, really? Now Microsoft came out to answer.

Xbox One Processor suffering from bottlenecks, DirectX 12 performance improvements


Microsoft’s gaming chief Phil Spencer on Twitter while giving answers to the players’ questions said that, DirectX 12 in Xbox One will brings the limited performance gains, although the new API can effectively improve operational efficiency and improve performance, but still we have to final something related to AMD the APU processor, as the processor is not fully support the optimization of the DirectX 12 project, so in games you will not see the overall improvement in performance for now. In addition, he has said in the early development of Xbox One, you have to take into account the ability of the DirectX 12.

Microsoft said that in March GDC 2015 conference they will bring more news, Windows 10 will bring the significant impact on the Xbox One this is what we know, let’s wait and see when Microsoft will release the rabbit from the hat.

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