Xbox One update in May will allow players to choose the voice data collection, which will help Microsoft to improve the Kinect’s voice recognition and voice commands.

Xbox One Player knows, Kinect allows players through voice commands to perform many operations, but this feature does not always succeed. A new update in May will Allow Microsoft to collect your language data should improve this feature.

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Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb on Xbox Wire a post explains: “add more voice samples in our algorithm, the reaction on the Xbox One of the better and faster.”

Xbox One will not default after upgrading to collect these data. You need to enable this option in the settings. Microsoft also said that all voice data will only be used for product improvement purposes.

May upgrade will be launched this week, will also join a mixing software. This will allow you to control between the two software volume. Also allows the use of Kinect allows you to control the volume when chatting.