As promised by Microsoft, they will continue improving the features of its current-gen console Xbox One with updates since its launch and recently, they announced that they have boosted the Xbox One Game DVR resolution to 1080p from the current 720p.

According to the blog update, the Game DVR resolution has been improved and it will allow users to record gameplay footages on 1080p and directly save the recording on their external hard drives so they can easily play or upload them on other platforms i.e, PC.

Currently the feature is available via preview build on Alpha build, means those users who have access to the Alpha Ring of Xbox Insider Program for testing purpose which was released yesterday and it will be available for every one by Fall of this year.

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Similar kind of improvements are also on their way for the Xbox One S and while for the Xbox One X, players will be able to capture gameplay recordings on 4K and HDR running at 60 FPS. Its good that Microsoft hasn’t abandoned the original Xbox console as recently, the Xbox head once again confirmed that the Keyboard and Mouse support for the console is also on its way.

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While currently, the studio is fully focused towards the forthcoming upgraded console the One X which is scheduled for launch on November 7th across the globe. It is being referred as the most powerful gaming console as of yet. Stay tuned for more updates!

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