It is not a secret that in terms of sales of new consoles PS4 is leading over global, but in Black Friday Xbox One was the favorite console of many players. So, is Sony period coming to an end? 

Last month, Blake Jorgensen, chief financial officer of EA, gave a very interesting interview, in which he stated that the Xbox One will take a lead over Ps4 after some time. At the same time he suggested that by the end of the year, this trend should be maintained and new year enters both consoles have generate the very best results in sales. 

Xbox One finally beat PS4 in Sales, at least on Black Friday

Xbox One Black Friday SalesSome time ago, we had reported that the Xbox One is becoming more and more popular in the US, where it was decided to reduce the price of the console. Now we get the confirmation of the fact that Americans are actually far more likely to Microsoft’s platform.

Infoscout analysts have published data on sales of game consoles on Black Friday, and so the first day after Thanksgiving, when it starts in the US holiday shopping frenzy. Proved to be the clear winner Xbox One, which accounted for up to 53% of the shares. PS4 had to be satisfied with the result at the level of 31%. We can also see that still people are interested in Xbox 360.

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