The new action / adventure game ‘Quantum Break‘ from the Finnish studio Remedy Entertainment (known for its work in Max Payne and Alan Wake 1/2) is Xbox One exclusive, but now it seems like it will also come to PC according to the classification committee of the Brazilian game.

Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break Is Making Its Way To The PC

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While it is unlikely that the game to be released simultaneously for PC and Xbox One on April 6, it is striking that the PC is rated so early. Perhaps some studios are finding that one platform is not sufficient to generate a profit? Especially if that platform corresponds to the new Microsoft console.

Last November, Sam Lake (co-founder of Remedy) had already expressed his desire to see Quantum Break on PC. Since such classifications are never wrong, what remains is the official confirmation from Microsoft or Remedy.

Microsoft’s renewed commitment for Windows 10 is also responsible for games like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition and Killer Instinct coming to the platform, and Quantum Break could be another one.

Previously, reports confirmed that the Quantum Break will be running at 1080p and 30 FPS on the Xbox One. A document during the presentation of Remedy Entertainment at SIGGRAPH 2015 last week indicates that the Quantum Break will run at 1080p. It stated that due to screen space, the image is 720p, but the final image is 1080p.