Microsoft Xbox One will get its most significant update when Windows 10 will launch. The important thing is that the console owners have to wait a bit longer than PC users as Microsoft itself said that the new OS upgrade won’t hit the Xbox after summer.

The Xbox is not the sole platform waiting for its Windows 10 update to hit, as Microsoft itself said earlier that their Windows phone will get their Windows 10 update just after the official launch of OS on PC. The new release Window For Xbox One was revealed on Twitter by Phil Spencer, from the gaming team of Microsoft.

Microsoft said earlier that the update for Xbox One would launch in January, but it was delayed for a number of reasons. Beside that, not much is known about the switching of Xbox One to Windows 10. It might be or not come with a dashboard change.

Interesting stuff is that after the launch of the OS developers can easily bring their apps to Windows 10 relevant OS. The universal app scheme rocks.