Gamers on XBOX Live and PlayStation Network experienced connectivity issues and delays on 25th December, one of the busiest times of the year for Sony and Microsoft.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Lizard Squad attack – Kim Dotcom saves the day


For Hackers usually things does not matter, and it turns out that they are in a mood to spoil the smiles of players in this year’s Christmas. Unfortunately, it was connected with considerable problems for many players.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on Thursday, fell victim to an attack from the Lizard Squad. Fortunately, it was not about the players data, because the only purpose was to put the load on servers and thus prevent the normal operation of the services from Microsoft and Sony.

And things were going smoothly as planned. Now, It turned out that well known to many Kim Dotcom was in the list of players who were trying to convince the hacker group, it was he who saved the day.

While Sony and Microsoft have worked to solve the problems, Kim Dotcom offered Lizard Squad on simple layout. In exchange for restoring the normal functioning of Xbox Live and PlayStation Network members Lizard Squad received a lifetime premium account on the site Mega. And they agree with it.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Lizard Squad attack - Kim Dotcom saves the day

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