Nvidia is going to take mobile computing to the next top level, at CES 2014 Conference, Nvidia unveils their Next Generation Tegra K1 a 192-Core Super Chips along with 64-bit ARM Denver CPU, the next generation GPU with 192 CUDA Cores will be set to the gaming tables, smart TVs and Consoles.
The Tegra K1 is the new standard for mobile devices supporting all the latest Technologies to run all most everything you throw at it Nvidia’s gaming partner EPIC Games also confirmed  that Tegra K1 also support Unreal Engine 4. So you can say Next Generation PC gaming is also now available on Mobile Devices.

NVIDIA Unveils Tegra K1, a 192-Core Super Chip
NVIDIA Unveils Tegra K1, a 192-Core Super Chip

CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang, Said that the company doesn’t choose the Tegra 5 name, because it’s Kepler processing Technology.

“We’ve brought mobile computing to the same level as desktop computing,” said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

There is no doubt in it that Tegra K1 made a huge jump in Mobile Computing, now all we have to wait for the K1 real Boost in Phones, Tablets and Smart Tvs to let us decide that how innovative is Super Core chip is.

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