This week, Epic Games Store offers three completely different games for free: World War Z, Figment and Tormentor X Punisher. In the next week, you’ll get the exploration games Gone Home and the candy platformer Hob.

Recently, game developers bombed us with interesting promotions and offers for free titles that will definitely help you survive the time spent at home. It’s worth visiting the Epic Games store this week, where three games are available for free today: World War Z, Figment and Tormentor X Punisher. The promotion lasts one week and ends on Thursday, April 2 at 17:00. Then more games will be available: the exploration adventure  Gone Home and the platform game Hob from the creators of Torchlight.

Meanwhile, a few words about the titles available this week. You will definitely find something for yourself. World War Z is especially worth recommending, i.e. a cooperative shooter with a 2013 TPP view in which a group of four players faces hundreds of zombies. The title is fresh – its premiere took place in April 2019. To collect your copy, check in at this address and click “Download”.

Another game, Figment offers a surreal journey deep into the mind of a man in the prime of his life suffering from nightmares. We fight the bane of our subconscious and by the way we confront deeply hidden memories, thoughts and desires. Sounds intriguing, right? If you are interested in this title, go hereFigment premiered in 2017. The production has very nice, hand-made graphics.

The last of the gulls is Tormentor X Punisher. Like Figment, the game debuted in 2017 – and this is where the similarities end. Tormentor  is focused primarily on fast action – in the title description on the Epic Games website we read: “kill, destroy, massacre demons, crack combos, get upgrades for unique killings and try to survive the endless slaughter.” That’s right … We send supporters of this kind of entertainment to this link.

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