Evil genius (EG) took the World E-sports Championship 2014 title. The Grand Finals were held at the Yellow Dragon Stadium in Hangzhou, China. The event was organized by D8TV, In the finals EG had to face Cloud 9 (C9), Evil Geniuses is a professional gaming organization from the United States and was Founded in 1999 While C9 is a multi national E-sports organization having players from all around the world.

World E-sport Championship 2014 Won By Evil Geniuses (EG)


EG got to the finals through the lower bracket while C9 reached to the finals from the upper bracket, defeating every team in their way, as C9 came through the upper bracket so they needed to win only one series of BO3 (best of three) out of two to score 1st while EG were supposed to win both the Series of BO3 to score 1st because they came through the lower bracket so they played brilliantly and out of total 5 matches held in the final they won 4.
The first series was won by EG by 2-1
And second series was won by EG by 2-0


The total prize pool of the tournament was $167,490
Evil Genius who finished 1st were given $97,600
Cloud 9 Who were at second place got $32,521
Vici gaming securing 3rd position got $16,261
And team Newbee who won the t14 came fourth and just got $8,130
The prize pool was further distributed up to 8th position.

The brackets were organized as follows:


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