A user on the official forums CD Projekt Red collected information on the outcome of the White Wolf trilogy, based on a session of questions and answers made by several of the lucky ones who were able to play the game, adding data item previews of other gaming sites and made its conclusion on the game weapons, skill tree, dynamic weather and more.

The Witcher 3 – New details on weapons, skill trees, dynamic weather, artificial intelligence and more


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  • There are many different types of additional weapons that you can pick up. What’s interesting, you need a higher level in order to be able to use it
  • Weapons (including swords) will not last forever and can end up dull if used too much, which will result in minimal damage. You need to regularly pay a visit to a craftsman to maintain it
  • The user interface is highly customizable. Several options are available to enable and disable modules, including the mini map and all kinds of notifications.
  • All graphic settings are present in the game menu
  • Enemies will parry crossbow bolts with a shield
  • The Skill tree is really massive. There are 5 trees (according to Witcher site there was 4, so I’m not sure who is closer to the truth), each has 5 tiers and each tier contains 5 skills. Every skill has 3 or 4 levels to unlock. Even though later Geralt will gain more skill points per level, it’s still will be impossible to unlock all of it
  • After unlocking the skill it needs to be activated. You do that by putting it into separate tree, which contains a limited number of slots (it will increase with character’s progress). Activated skills affect Geralt’s fighting style. Activating set of skills from the same category will increase it’s effects. It adds another layer to preparations and tactical planning, as you have to choose an appropriate set of active skills depending on what kind of opponent you are going to face (for example, if you going to fight with heavily armored knights, you can activate Igni upgrade that allows you to melt armors)
  • There are four slots for mutagens, which also affects your abilities
  • Temporary companions are quite helpful and even use different fighting styles. For example, one woman that accompany them waited for a right moment while the enemies were focused on Geralt to backstab them for massive damage
  • The Game is pretty difficult, as you can die even on easy if you’re not careful
  • Details about the dynamic weather include different phase day / night, with densities varying stages or storms, clouds, snow, rain and fog.
  • The artificial intelligence of the enemies is very good.
    • Wolves and bandits spread to limit the escape routes of Geralt. Should eliminate their respective leaders, were desorganizarán completely or act carelessly.
    • An enemy can be used as living bait to give to the group a chance to corner Geralt.
    • If we put a trap or use the Yrden in front of the enemy, will try to avoid them.
  • NPC’s models are very diverse and interior of every hut looks different, so there will be no feeling of deja vu.

– Ingry-online video about combat one journalist said that Geralt still can quickly beat the distance between him and enemy by jump attacking him like in The Witcher 2, but difference is that he’s not doing that automatically this time around. You do that by holding light attack button, which is useful to catch fleeing enemies, if you choose “no survivors” policy. That’s pretty cool, as it gives you a more control over character without taking anything away.

– In the PClab interview REDs also mention that this time you can throw away the quest items. To make sure that you won’t accidentally get rid of something important and thus make the game unwinnable, this things will always remain in a game world where you left it, while regular stuff will vanish after some time. I know some people complained about the lack of this option in The Witcher 2, so there you go

– There is one thing I’m not sure about. In the Onet article there is a sentence: “For example Igni sign has four levels, each with unique perks, one of them is armor melting”. It may be my misinterpretation, but I think it means that each skill level is like a different skill and you can switch between all unlocked levels of a skill for other bonuses, like one level of Igni allows you to melt armor, but another gives it a wider range and so on. Again, that’s just my interpretation of this one line of this one article, so don’t quote me about it.

And finally we have confirmed the return of another Witcher 2 character in The Witcher 3. Don’t click SPOILER if you don’t want to know who it’s going to be.

[toggler title=”Spoiler” ]ODRIN [/toggler]

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will be out on next May 19 for PC and next-Gen consoles.

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