Developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt previously announced about a free DLC last week named, “Where the Cat and the Wolf Play…”.

Witcher 3 DLC: Developers warns against downloading it

“Explore a forgotten village and discover its terrifying secret. Find out who or what slaughtered its inhabitants and use all your Witcher skills to confront this mysterious force.”

But recently, a notification started coming up regarding the availability of new DLC due to which many people are confused whether to download it or not. Anyhow, CD Projekt Red’s community representative Marcin Momot tweeted regarding the new DLC and said that the DLC was not ready yet and got accidentally released via XBL therefore, gamers must not download it as it is not completed.

Therefore, it is advised that you must not download this DLC and if you have downloaded it, then you should delete it as you can face different issues. You can download it afterwards, when it gets released officially. There will be three more DLCs coming soon as per Marcin Momot. Stay tuned for more!

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