Previously we know that the Mojang the brains and hands behind the one of the greatest games Minecraft is sold to Microsoft for $2.5 billion dollarsas mojang joins the Xbox studios it is not yet finished, Minecraft it very popular game. It is in more than millions of PCsIt proved itself a very hard competitor to other big gamesSo it is likely not gonna end. Now, after the latest news we come to know that it seems like it will never end as Thanks to Microsoft. The dream has finally come true for Windows Phone users, and finally  they can play the game.

Windows Phone version, MineCraft Pocket Edition has finally come


MineCraft” is a popular global sandbox game, players are free to use a small box to create a variety of unexpected objects and buildings, and even used to do animation. The game across multiple platforms, including multiple PC systems, consoles and mobile phones, but only IOS and Android mobile have not tasted it.

This version can now be purchased through the App Store to download, the price is $ 6.99 including the creation mode, survival mode and multiplayer mode (Wi-Fi), but requires WP8.1 or more.

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