One of Microsoft’s current focus is on the promotion of Windows 10, in the Game Developers Conference GDC2015, they have also given some words to developers that now switch to the new system and do not hesitate to format your current favorite Windows 7.

Microsoft ID @ Xbox project leader Chris Charla on playing PPT meeting took this picture, we can see that Windows 7 PC’s image is a little bit special, they used a computer to replace quite a history, rather than what we have now on common computer.

Microsoft wants to make Windows 7 seem really old

PPT from The Verge

In fact, this is the launch of the 1983 IBM PC / XT computer, the intention is very clear, that Windows 7 is already very old, and behind the times, we recommend that developers quickly turned to the updated Windows 10 platform.

The biggest question is whether Windows 7 will support DirectX 12, which is the future of game development, one of the most important technologies, presumably without Microsoft press, developers will not forget this. However, Windows XP and then Windows 7 are hardened to become the most popular operating system, Microsoft does not know how much this can bring the effect of loss.

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