Windows 10 is going to have a really great time in many ways, and waiting for a new system of  Microsoft probably has never been so high. Now we have come to know that Windows 10 will bolster screen resolutions up to 8K (7680×4320). Despite the fact that model 8K TVs have been demonstrated for the last couple of years, business arrival of 8k displays is presumably for no less than maybe a couple more years.

Amid the WinHEC meeting a week ago, Microsoft uncovered the minimum and maximum resolutions that will be supported in Windows 10, as indicated by PC World. Windows 10 will offer backing for 6″+ phone and tablet screens 4K (3840×2160) resolution, 8″+ PC shows with up to 4K resolution and 27″ + screens with 8K (7680×4320) resolution.

Windows 10 will Support up to 8K video resolution


Minimum and maximum supported resolutions for Windows 10
Minimum and maximum supported resolutions for Windows 10

Microsoft has been reprimanded for poor backing for 4K UHD resolutions in Windows 8 so having Windows 10 supporting 8K so early in its lifecycle, it could demonstrate gainful to both clients and Microsoft.

PC has turned into the most overwhelming gaming platform and with the accessibility of 8k, gamers will have the capacity to bounce right in, without holding up for another OS to backing the new determination. With the late GTX Titan X by NVIDIA, single GPU 4K gaming has turned into a plausible, so it ought to be workable for NVIDIA and AMD to have a single or dual Core GPU arrangements in order to entertain the 8K resolution which is not too far from us.

Want to see how the game will look like at 8K resolution? We have a couple of screenshots which will give you the pleasure of High-end details.

BF Hardline @8K resolution
Crysis @8K resolution

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Source: KitGuru, PCWorld and Wccftech

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