Microsoft is working on a new “Game Mode for Windows 10, a feature that promises to improve gaming experience by minimizing the background application resources to almost nothing, making them to work better and faster in general terms.

Windows 10 will implement a “Game Mode” to improve Gaming Performance

This new feature was discovered by WalkingCat in the leaked Windows 10 build 14997. Although it is not working at the moment, but it should come to Insiders very soon, and something that would be launched with the Creators Update. Several sources including Windows Central commented on this new feature that Game Mode is similar to what happens with the Xbox One, which allocates all possible resources to make sure that the games work very well. The logic would be to see how the applications in the background lose the support of the components to give the maximum performance to the games, although it is not surprising that it can close some applications in order to free RAM etc.

When you run games on Xbox OS, it allocates the resources to make sure the game runs at the best it can. Until now, Windows has been lacking of such option in which games would benefit directly from the OS, but with Creators Update this could be possible.

It is not clear whether Game Mode would work with Win32 or Steam or Origin games, or whether it will only be limited to the Windows 10 store games. However, it is interesting to see that Microsoft is taking players of PC seriously again.

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