Although it appeared that the Windows Phone update will not be coming in the near future due to the new window, but fortunately, Microsoft does not want to spoil the reputation.

Windows 10 will go up on budget Smartphones with 512 MB of RAM


Recall the last year rumor that Windows 10 will appear on all smartphones running Lumia WP 8 and 8.1. Not so long ago, we have learned about the new version of the system, however, will not be available for all models in this family. Especially alarmed owners of older devices and offering weaker components, but Microsoft decided to calm them down.

Gabriel Aul via one of the social networking site has announced that Windows 10 will go up on the budget smartphones equipped with 512 MB ​​of RAM. Thus, users of even Lumia 520 can enjoy it. It is hardly surprising,  because from the beginning it was hard to believe that you omit the most popular windows on low end smartphones.

Soon to be released a test version of Windows Mobile 10. It turns out that there are people who now have the opportunity to check this. The network also leaked some screenshots presenting new mobile window.

Even if Microsoft decides to make some cuts and will not share all the features of Windows 10 on weaker smartphones then it would also do the job fine.

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