Lately, Microsoft during its build conference 2016 in San Francisco, discussed about the new updates and improvements which will be coming this summer for the last operating system, Windows 10.

Windows 10 Update Will Bring Android Notifications On Your PC

Microsoft wants to add smartphone notifications directly to Windows 10 PCs by notification mirroring. Smartphones with operating system of Android and Windows 10 will having support for this update.

Microsoft, using its Cortana app will cloud your notifications, and then will able to show the details of missed calls, messages and a variety of many other features on your connected PC screen. Additionally, you’ll also be able to reply to messages directly from your PC. Moreover, it will also enable the users for dismissing notifications right from their PCs.

This update will not be available for iOS because of its certain restrictions of the company’s software. The support for mirroring notifications on Windows 10 mobiles is too currently available.

Additionally, the update will bring support for tiles and widgets on Windows Action Center. Microsoft is all set to release its new Anniversary Update sometime this summer, when their previous operating system will be a year old.

Source: The Verge

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