In earlier news we have already mentioned, Microsoft DirectX 12 will be exclusive to Windows 10 systems, we can only experience the charm of DirectX 12 on Windows 10. Few days back Microsoft has released the Windows 10 preview version, although they did not release integrated DX12, but now Microsoft has pushed the Update patch and now users are enjoying DirectX 12.

Of course, there is not any software that can be used in feature DX12, but it also needs to support the new GPUs. Besides, the biggest change brought about DX12 specification is to optimize the efficiency of the underlying API, reducing CPU utilization, improve game performance. Prior to the Demo presentation on a big performance boost.

Picture Courtesy @GURU3D
Picture Courtesy @GURU3D

Anyway, if you want your first experience, then Install Windows 10 9879 and update it by following easy steps: 

– Click on the start menu and in the search box type ‘Windows Update’
– Chose ‘Windows Update Settings’
– In the left panel click ‘Preview Builds’
– Click on the ‘Check’ now.
– Download the new build

After you do this, if there are bits to download for your machine, the process will start and then the waiting game begins.

Download: Windows 10 9926 English: x86 | x64

Source: Guru3D