We often refer the word Hard Drive as hard Disk, but many people do not remember this stuff and the old floppy drive. CD-ROM drives are there in our routine application, we have just forgotten normal floppy drive with a tiny capacity of 1.44MB, as by pressing F6 to install the RAID boot drive does not need this anymore.

Windows 10 Preview does not support the Floppy Disk Drive


But the floppy drive is still useful in some occasions, it is a question many people are concerned about is that Microsoft’s new Windows 10 system will not support the floppy drive, this issue is still warm in the Microsoft Answers community discussions.

The bad news is that the current preview version of Windows 10 does not support the floppy drive, Microsoft employee said in response to this question for some reason, and now the Windows 10 Preview floppy support has been removed. The good news is that he said that Microsoft is trying to add back in the new version of this function, if there is any message related to it they will inform us.

If Windows 10 is really completely abandoned from the floppy drive, in fact, it is not a big deal for consumers but many companies may feel bad. For players there are Hard drives, Micro-Cards and pen drive to entertain them.

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