About the latest operating system from Microsoft in recent times somewhat subsided. The manufacturer is not willing to give the new information on Windows 10. This does not mean, that there is no way to get to this information. Russian hacker group has shown the whole world some screenshots from the latest build of Windows 10, where you can see a few new changes to the previous version.

Hackers Leaked the information about the new Build of Windows 10


Pictures from the Windows 10 build 10031 has been placed on the hacker’s profile on Twitter. As it turned out, Microsoft has finished work on the latest build of just five days earlier, and hackers have already managed to learn a little about the upcoming changes.

Besides the screenshots, which you can see only a relatively minor changes, we received an insight into the documentation of the new build, from which it follows that – as recently reported – the next version will include Spartan browser. Support will also be improved gestures for tablets, and will improve the issue of using GPU processors. In addition, a number of bugs will be decommissioned, the presence of Windows Insiders reported.

As regards the visual installment of the system, we can not expect too much. Screenshots can be seen that there is the Start button and the menu is now transparent – thus confirm the words of the representatives of Microsoft, who announced the presence of clearance under Windows 10 was also refreshing the login screen.

Microsoft has not yet responded to the shared materials. All the indications are that the next build will soon get to testers who will be able to try out new products. Particular attention will follow the fate of Spartan browser, which is going to be really great.

It is also worth noting that you can see the progress of work on the system. The manufacturer takes care of every detail, which bodes well for the future. Pause a final judgment for the release of the finished product. For now, we invite you to get acquainted with new screenshots.






Source: pattern, Neowin

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