Microsoft released a note of six reasons why government organizations should move to Windows 10. The latest OS from the Redmond company is to offer high performance, efficiency, ensure security and control, as well as be flexible and to give institutions greater choice, also you can run it on a variety of devices.

Microsoft gives Six reasons why the government should install Windows 10


In recent months the company from Redmond strongly promoted the Windows 10 primarily among ordinary consumers. However, they have not forgotten about the companies and government organizations. The company convinced its software to the state institutions of China, which is quite a big success, even after previous problems with Windows 8.1.

Now the company from Redmond has decided to reveal the six key advantages of Windows 10, which are to convince government organizations to migrate to the new system. The first advantage is to be a higher productivity – Windows 10 is about 30 percent faster compared to Windows 7 on the same device. What’s more, the system offers better hardware support and more advanced power management. Another issue is the effectiveness of software – Microsoft lists the advantages of using the Edge browser and a voice assistant Cortana.

The company claims that its system is also really safe, thanks to a new system of credentials, capabilities and Windows Device Guared Hello, and the Windows Defender program. System administrators get even more control over the resources to which they have access staff of the institution, and the occasion may indicate what data will be exchanged between specific devices.

Microsoft says at the end also a flexible and powerful choice offered by Windows 10. The institutions have access to the Windows Store option for Business, it is also possible to use traditional software, and universal application. In the selection, reference is here that the new system from the Redmond works just as well on a traditional desktop, and devices 2-in-1 notebook, or construction of a much larger format, similar even to 84-inch Surface Hub.

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