In addition to demonstrating the capabilities of Windows 10 on Desktop and Mobile. Microsoft announced that it will be a free upgrade for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. Microsoft has dedicated an entire segment of the launch event to PC gaming. Overall, the arrival of the Xbox Live community to Windows platforms was announced.

Windows 10 Media Briefing – Xbox Live comes to Windows 10; Streaming between Xbox One and PC

Picture Courtesy @the verge

For presentation of the Xbox One application for Windows 10, in which players can share their gaming experiences and achievements with other players over Xbox Live and Windows PC platforms was made. This new application also integrates with other games and existing platforms and enable us to get screenshots and gameplay videos conveniently and automatically. In presenting this they demonstrated Civilization: Beyond Earth using Steam, an exclusive game for PC. These functions are not entirely new to the PC user, for years we have programs like Fraps or Shadowplay, yet is welcome that come integrated with the operating system.

DirectX12 features imminent, which promises a significant increase in performance even with hardware and existing engines such as Unity were also demonstrated. DirectX 12 further benefit users of mobile devices since from Microsoft say they have managed to reduce battery usage by 50% compared to using DirectX 11 applications.

Finally, the people of Microsoft announced a new feature for Xbox One and Windows 10 to perform In-Home Streaming between the console and any other home device with Windows 10. So that someone with the console can access your catalog from any in your home. There remains the big question of whether the console of Microsoft will offer a loyalty Streaming appropriate since we are talking about a device that can barely 1080p at 60FPS in most cases. The PC user expects fidelity than what you can offer the console. Moreover, we imagine to be quite uncomfortable having to go down to the living to change discs when you want to change the game.

They are committed to the PC gaming just as much as they are for Xbox One. It’s too early to tell if we are right to believe them or not. Microsoft  failed miserably once with a similar adventure in the form of Games for Windows Live. Hopefully this time they and we have a better luck. For now, Microsoft should not forget that the PC user might not interested too integrated with the Xbox Live platform, even having access to (so far rather poor) catalog of exclusive console as streaming. What I really hope is that we offer quality products and good performance of the operating system. And above all things that give us the freedom to make the game experience something uniquely personal.

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