It is not a secret that Windows 10 computers become slower over time, but thanks to the next update from Microsoft this will be a thing of the past, because the May Update (version 2004) is expected to allow Windows 10 gain much of the speed you enjoyed when it was newly installed on the system.

Windows 10

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With Windows 10, in its 1909 version, Microsoft made substantial changes to Cortana, completely separating it from Windows Search / Windows Search. In the May 2020 Update, Microsoft has fine-tuned the use of the Windows Search indexer disk to address the high disk usage caused by the aggressive indexing process.

Microsoft claims that Windows Search can now better identify times of high usage and handle the indexer accordingly. This translates to improving system speed, although this performance improvement will be more felt in computers that still use an old mechanical hard disk drive (HDD). When it comes to solid state drives (SSDs), the performance improvement will not be as noticeable, as the SSD itself performs all the actions much faster.

The source also revealed that Microsoft is continuing to fine tune Windows Search. A new algorithm that will intelligently figure out when you’re actively using your device and avoid running indexing procedures will be included with the Windows 10 20H2 update.

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