And the day came, Windows 10 is now available for us, we could say that this is the most anticipated operating system in history, and never had been so desperate to see get a new operating system, and there are many reasons for this, the most remarkable is that “DirectX 12’s benefits are going to be greater for PCs than consoles“.

Windows 10 is here, The Best OS From Microsoft Till Now


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This is possible thanks to the reduction of system resources by a better utilization of hardware (improved gaming performance and accessible to modest teams) with the implementation of the API DirectX 12, much of this API is expected, while Xbox One will have his share of Windows 10 to run native games developed under this API that allows to exploit the ceiling start performance which is able to shed the console.

“We remain committed to the game console, but we know we have players who also play on PC and on the phone,” said Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division.

“It is important that we build the features we already have, learn from what we did in the console and help make Windows 10 is the best operating system we have created for PC gamers.” he said.


With the arrival of Windows also we have to say goodbye to the utilities we used since we can remember. The most notable absence is Internet Explorer, there is little to mourn with a web browser that in his last years of life was used as a mere bridge to download a better browser and save it in the drawer of oblivion. This could be a thing of the past with his successor, Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Spartan,  a new browser built from scratch adapted to present needs, offering a simplified user interface, one reading mode, the ability to take notes at the time on the web where we sail and of course, all with better performance and performance.

According to Microsoft, in the first performance tests shown faster than Google’s browser, Chrome.


Edge also leverages the benefits of the other notable element in Windows 10, Cortana, our intelligent voice assistant that simply using voice commands (obviously need a microphone) can manage on the Windows environment, whether to open applications, add appointments to your calendar, search the Internet or shutdown.

It is being a simile to Siri (Apple) or Google Now (Android) will facilitate us the work, especially on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) saving us the need to write. Asked Cortana Cortana and will answer our questions, either by doubts transportation, the weather will be, or look for a restaurant near our location.

“It has its own personality and you can ask him to tell you a joke,” says Microsoft.


We say goodbye to the horrible interface that debuted in Windows 8 and that was corrected with haste in Windows 8.1, a rather intuitive interface for a computer but quite well suited for mobile devices. With Windows 10 have a twist and optimized for each operating system platform , so PC users again have a fuck-based interface with touches Windows 7 Windows 8 Metro Moreover, from the menu Start applications and most used functions are added.


Ending information (and a little above, that blooms always tired) have improved performance, security, privacy, the multimedia faculties, using multiple desktops, its performance is optimized for touch screens, as announced at first, we may be before the OS most anticipated in history, while Microsoft, seeing to it coming, it has made ​​the download of the operating system to be gradual , starting with the users that helped its development in the beta phase (Windows Insider), then those who have booked a (the Windows icon below right) operating system, and those who want to access the trial version.


Regarding price official in Spain, we only know what we see in the book, 135 euros, but we must remember that we have one year of access to the operating system for free and then checkout, which have a license simply updated and it will free for life. Simply happen to Windows 10 you will find tangible performance improvements, but where you really see the progress will be with the arrival of the first games created only thought about the API DirectX 12, which will benefit from a more efficient processor 6 and 8 cores in addition to squeeze the most out together to the GPU.

You can download Windows 10 from here.