Windows 10 was officially launched on July 29, after the first 24 hours of its debut we knew that the new Windows had already exceeded the mark of 14 million users, and after 19 days of its availability, the new Microsoft operating system is already installed on over 53 million computers.

Windows 10 is installed on 1,500 computers per second


According to StarCounter, Windows 10 is installed on 1,500 computers per second, which has already made ​​it a market share of 4.95 percent, still far from Windows 8.1 (13.09%) but has already surpassed OS X 10.10 (4.74 %) as the most widely used OS.

The best numbers will come directly from Microsoft, with the only announcement so far being 14 million installations. It would also help that most people installing Windows 10 are upgrading for free, from previous versions of Windows.