Recently the Game Mode was revealed in the leaked Windows 10 Build 14997, and it seems that this mode is a method for allocating resources, prioritizing the games when they are running. Game Mode is expected to be implemented with the Creator Update this Fall. Now, thanks to reliable Windows Central sources, there are more details on Game Mode and how it will benefit developers to develop games for Windows 10, Xbox One and Project Scorpio.

Windows 10 Game Mode will be implemented on Xbox One and Project Scorpio


Game Mode is a feature that coordinates variations between Xbox consoles and PCs, making sure that all PCs running Windows 10 can play games to the standard of the Xbox One and Project Scorpio. Microsoft describes these “standards” as 900p up to 1080p on Xbox One, and 4K resolution with 60 fps for Project Scorpio.

“Game Mode” is specifically a feature for Universal Windows Platform game development for games in the Windows 10 ecosystem, and shouldn’t be seen as a “secret sauce” giving the Xbox One a performance boost.

Windows Central received information suggesting that the Xbox One is using this new way to achieve these goals. If this information is true, then Game Mode may have been included in the Xbox One dev kits in the Winter of 2016, updated throughout Spring and Winter.

This means that developers using Game Mode today to develop games on 900-1080p for Xbox One and up to 4K for Windows 10 PCs are ready to take those games to Project Scorpio with more than 95% of the code intact. This could explain why we’re already seeing major players jump on the UWA-train, with Resident Evil 7 set for a Windows 10 Store debut on January 24th, 2017. If it is a Game Mode enabled UWA, Resident Evil 7 is ready for true 4K on Project Scorpio as a result, unpacking its 4K PC textures and settings when it installs on the console.