Microsoft constantly ensures that in the preparing of Windows 10 they wants to take care of thing, even the smallest detail. If you look at the latest material depicting scenes work on a new system, it feels to give this faith.

The manufacturer has already said that Windows 10 is equipped with probably quite a lot of things, so this time they decided to devote a minute about, which for many may seem completely irrelevant. Microsoft unveiled for graphics that greet us at the first, and perhaps also the next, you start the system.

The default wallpaper changes with each new version of Windows and will be no different in the case of “Ten”. You thought that they create that wallpaper on just PhotoShop? Nothing of the sort. Lasers, artificial fog lamps and LED lamps are just some of the gadgets used to work. As if this were little, they oversaw the highly regarded graphic designer Bradley G. Munkowitz. How do you like the end result?


Windows 10 will indeed launch on the 29th of July. The official arrival of Windows 10 will be highlight packed such as, Cortana integration, the Microsoft Edge browser, Office 2016, the Xbox application close by new cross-platform applications and services.

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