Launched just five months ago, Windows 10 is very close to reach a market share of 10 percent (9.96% to be exact) in the segment of the PC operating system. This fee places it as the fourth most used operating systems in the world. The TOP 3 is occupied by unbeatable Windows 7 (55.68%) Windows XP (10.93%) and Windows 8.1 (10.3%).

Windows 10 closer to reaching a market share of 10%


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If we pull periodicals, the market share of the operating system rose by 1.06% compared to October-November period, revealing that growth appears to slow. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that all Windows operating systems saw a decline in its market share while Windows 10 was the only one who managed to grow. If we add all versions of Windows, Microsoft has a market share of 91.3%, while Mac and Linux gained a respective share of 7.02% and 1.66%.

Microsoft will soon roll out the new update for Windows 10. In new update some of the features are already known to many of us, that Microsoft will try to enhance the desktop experience while universal applications could regain that functionality of widget that lets you watch computer information in real time on your desktop. The virtual assistant, Cortana continue to improve, this time being present throughout the operating system and acquire new functions. Unfortunately, no more details, so we have to wait for new leaks or rumors in order to complete the list of improvements.

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