Not so long ago Microsoft has released Windows 10 build 10049. However already in the network information on the next build of the new system is running and it seems that this will bring more news.

Windows 10 Build 10056 brings such changes, which do not need to look far, as fast conspicuous. Firstly modified the Start menu. In addition to the new animation and transfer the power button in the most desired by users place there is the possibility to change its size – both in terms of the up / down and right / left.

New theme gained by Mail, Calendar, and MSN Weather. And while on the visual changes there is a new icon in question lived to recycle and there is no denying that the inspiration was drawn from Windows 95.

It is interesting, that it was decided to introduce the achievements. Currently in the window appear thanks to use Windows Insider testing while another builds the system.

Cortana is to recognize the music with registered microphone, but now this feature does not work yet. The whole compilation is indeed rather unstable, because we are talking about a test version of the system, which were reached informally.