Windows 10 was launched July 29 of this year and the software enjoys greater popularity than Windows 8, Windows Vista and promoted by Apple’s Mac OS X, but still Windows 8.1 and Windows XP both ahead of it in the rankings. Meanwhile, according to the available information on Net Applications the situation will soon change, and the latest windows in 2 months will catch up with Windows 7.

Windows 10 has almost as many users as Windows 8.1 and Windows XP


According to Net Applications, Windows 10 is currently 7.94% market share in operating systems and can boast a larger user base than Mac OS X (3.45%), Windows 8 (2.54%), Mac OS X 10.11 (2.18%), Windows Vista (1.74%) and Linux (1.57%). This is quite a success, since the official release of the software’s been only three months. New window in terms of popularity is increasingly moving also to Windows 8.1 (10.68%) and Windows XP (11.68%). For now Windows 10 is installed on 120 million computers and even though the pace of adaptation falls, then all indications are that in a few weeks it will be enjoyed greater interest than the two previously mentioned systems of Redmond.

Though the official launch of Windows 10 still holds the leading position, but far behind when we compare with extremely popular Windows 7 with a share of 55.71% of all computers worldwide.

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