October is the month where two of the most horror games gather so the horror gamers can feed. When they will come to market, they will surely make the stomach of the horror gamers full. The Evil within and Alien: Isolation are the two horror games, with The Evil within being developed by none other than Shinji Mikami, who is also the brains behind the one of the other popular horror game franchise Resident Evil. The other which is Alien Isolation, is a game based on the epic Alien movie franchise that is set in Space which is also releasing today. So, Let’s get to the real topic now guys, the game which will be available for all the consoles and will run at 30fps on the PC confirmed by Bethesda.

The Evil Within was announced a long time ago, but there is always a question towards publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks is that the PC version will be locked at what framerates? Well, now it seems like we got the answer. This question, which is usually avoided, ignored or didn’t get looked at is now answered. Jason Bergman, who is the Senior Producer of Bethesda once in July was asked that the game is locked at 30fps or not? Bergman simply just said to ask him closer to launch. Now then again just a month ago when he was asked if this game is locked at 30fps or not? He said ”He didn’t understand the question” and said ”let’s the specs, release” and also said to stay tuned and then he just declined to answer more questions. We didn’t hear anything about The Evil within framerates again.

Well, the question was still asked many times in Bethesda’s Official The evil within forums, but again, it was just ignored like every time. The game is now gold as real gold and only there are eight days before gamers get their hands on The Evil Within, also the Official both Recommended and Minimum system requirements has been released. With Bethesda has no choice now they have to answer now. Well, it is still not sure if this is Bethesda’s true statement, but all this ignore and avoiding is maybe indeed the game is locked at 30fps and they just want to avoid further trouble.

The Evil Within will release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360 on October 14.

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