A Virtual Private Network, or VPN as we call it, has many beneficial uses. Usually, a VPN can work as a shield and cover to protect you from all sorts of malicious attacks and provide you with a safe ground for accessing content that is either vulnerable in terms of cybersecurity or simply not available in your country or region. 

VPN can also be quite useful for gamers (like Surfshark VPN), and it can enhance your gaming experience in so many ways. Protecting you from Cyberthreats that are always at bay when you indulge in online multiplayer video games over unprotected servers hosted by unknown users, should be on top of the list for the things that a VPN can benefit gamers with.

Why is VPN essential For Gaming?

From the get-go, it might sound like paradoxical advice to most of you because of how virtual private networks have always been regarded by the gaming community, as something that can heavily impact your connection and slow you down. In all honesty, that can be the case if you are using a free version or a not-so-good VPN, but otherwise, it can be of great service, and let us explain how.

Improve lag and reduce Ping

Contrary to popular belief, a VPN might help you achieve a better and faster connection, which can improve your overall gaming performance by reducing lag and server ping. However, this only works in some cases, because it can help you achieve a faster connection by connecting you to a server that is closer to the main source server of your online game, but what counts most is a stable connection which can be an issue if you are internet does not co-operate.

Protect yourself against swatting

One of the most primary concerns about multiplayer games is the ocean of swat attacks that occur on the online servers, most of which might cause some damage to your privacy. By providing you with a different IP address, it can save you from any online bullying or hacking that you might have to face because your opponent either did not take his loss well or if it was just someone looking for potential breach points for blackmailing or other such cases. 

A shield IP can also protect you from any DDOS attack that you might face while playing online and protect your data from being breached in any way.

Keeps you safe on a public Wi-Fi

Waiting for your flight at the airport can be exhausting, so you might decide to play your favorite video game using the airport’s Wi-Fi, or any public Wi-Fi for that matter. If you are VPN is enabled, it will protect your data from being accessed by the Wi-Fi owners, as the Wi-Fi could be halt with potential raids or malware. It will also protect you from any third-party user who might try to breach into your device through the same connection. 

Bypass Geo-blocking

Many multiplayer titles will restrict your connection to your region only, which can be a terrible idea sometimes. With a VPN you can bypass geo-blocking and play the game from any region, which can help you join and team-up with your friends with other regions without any trouble. In this way, a VPN can also help you unlock and play a game that is not yet released worldwide and is only playable in a certain region or country(s).

As a VPN assigns you a new IP address from a region of your choosing, it can also help you play games that are banned in your country. And it might sound like a problem only restricted to Arab, but you’d be surprised to know that there are titles that are banned in the UK and Germany etc.


A VPN can be quite beneficial for gamers; it can also help you avoid bandwidth throttling and allow you to play games even if your original IP is banned. While there also might be quite a few drawbacks of using a VPN, especially if it is not a verified one, in that case, instead of protecting your data it might also be exposed to malware and data tracking. So, if you want a VPN, make sure you choose a highly recommended Virtual private network with excellent reviews, like the Surfshark VPN, which is a specific VPN about PS4 gaming ports.


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