When you guys hear the word ”Crytek” you could easily remember Crysis series one of the best game series in sci-fi genre and in terms or graphics too. Now Crytek after sci-fi and future technology is after the old era where you will be using the swords and face your enemy like the true sons of Rome and yeah not to forget Ryse: Sons of Rome is also great in graphics like Crysis too. When Crytek showed us Far cry and Crysis long ago, we are so impressed, but now Crytek is saying it is not easy to impress the player with graphics as it is used to be.

“As opposed to the times of the original Crysis, we as an industry have reached a quality level now where it is getting increasingly more difficult to really wow people,” Crytek’s principal rendering engineer Nicolas Schulz told DSOGaming in an interview. “That said, there’s still enough areas to explore and we will definitely keep pushing the boundaries as much as possible.”

Well, they are worried about the Graphics Processing Units or which you can call GPUs and the current generation of consoles. They said On the PC, the current high-end GPUs is still far away from getting the 60 frames-per-second at 4k resolution.

“This is very quickly saturating the available bandwidth,” Schulz said. “The consoles are clearly behind high-spec GPUs in terms of raw horsepower, however on the positive side, they share the same modern architecture which enables a wealth of interesting optimization techniques.”

Ryse: Son of Rome will be out for Microsoft Windows and Xbox one. For Microsoft Windows on October 10, 2014 and Xbox one on November 22, 2014.