Android is the top leading Mobile Operating System, In a very short interval of time, the platform succeeded in attaining the attention of Smart Phones Developing Companies and Today it is the most common and I think the most important Mobile Operating System in the world. Many tremendous and Mind Blowing Features have been introduced in Android in the last few years; Play Store is one of them. Everyone knows about Play Store; everyone uses it. It’s a great and the easiest source for finding and downloading Android Applications and Games.


A Few Year back people believe that play store is the only source for finding and downloading Android applications, but after the arrival of Apk Sites this mentality changes and now apk sites like AndroidMadness are considered as an important source for android games, apps, wallpapers, etc.

Now the question which arises here is that why people are turning towards apk sites, why they just simply go to ply store and download or install what they want. There are a number of answers and reasons to this question which are are going to discuss in this post.

Advantages Of Apk Sites:

As discussed above a high number of people are turning towards apk sites for downloading Android apps and games. This is because some users Apk sites are more helpful and include more options than play store. Some of the advantages of Apk sites are as follows.

  • Android Users who are using old android device found it hard to download many of the popular android applications and games because most the apps and games got updated regularly and on every update their requirements changes. For Example, Facebook Has been updated to its latest version which requires and android version of 4.2 or above, now the users who are having an old android version device didn’t find any option of downloading the old version of the apps. That’s the point where apk sites help them; Apk sites provide all the version of apps so that you can download any version of your choice.


  • Low Storage error while downloading an app or game from play store another big problem faced by many of the Android users. Play Store has a system of its own; sometimes you have enough internal storage for an application, but play store doesn’t allow you to download it and give you a Low Storage Error. In such a situation Download that application from an apk site can help you out. The apk file looks only for the storage require for that app while the play store takes an overall look.


  • Another advantage of downloading from apk site is that the apk installation file stores within your SD card or mobile data. So, if you delete the app and then want to reinstall it you can do it directly from the apk installation file which doesn’t require any internet connection. You can also share the file to your other android device, or you can share it with your friends for easy installation.

Downloading apps and games from apk sites have become a common practice, and millions of people are now using this method.

Some Famous Apk Sites:

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